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Fitrana in 2024 ? فطرانہ And Related Issues.

This article is based on Hanafi school of thoughts. Contact me if you have any questions.

Who Will Pay Fitrana?

Fitrna or “صدقہ فطر” or Zakat al-Fitr is compulsory for a Muslim who is sane, adult, and financially capable. This means that if they possess the amount of wealth described below, then they must give Zakat al-Fitr. This person will also give Zakat al-Fitr on behalf of their dependent (Na Baligh) children, each one of them separately.

Fitrana Per Person

If any of his children (girls or boys) are adults (Baligh), then it is not his responsibility to pay Zakat al-Fitr on their behalf. However, if the adult child is mentally retarded, then the responsibility falls on him (the father) to pay Zakat al-Fitr for that child as well. If a man wants to pay Fitrana on behalf of his wife or adult children even though it’s not his responsibility, he can do so but he must inform and take permission from them beforehand otherwise it will not be considered even if he informs them after giving away Fitrana.

For Women

In the case of a Muslim woman. She is not responsible for paying this charity on behalf of her children even if they are dependent or mentally retarded. Hence, she will only pay for her part.

Wealth Criteria in Islam

The combined retail value of the following 5 things will determine whether you fulfill the criteria or not.

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Trade Goods. These are the goods that you have the sole intention of selling e.g. in a retail business. If you bought hens with the intention that you will sell their eggs, then hens will not be considered trade goods. If you bought something with the sole intention of reselling but later on you changed your mind before the charity date comes then, these things are also not included in trade goods.
  4. Cash in hand.
  5. .Excess Stuff (items that are not in your use for over a year).

After all you debts/dues, If the combined retail value of all of the above 5 things exceeds the value of 52.5 Tola (612.35g) Silver in your city on Eid day, then you are obligated to pay Fitrana on Eid al-Fitr. And same is the criteria for Qurban (slaughter) on Eid al-Adha.

fitrana per person

When should I give Fitrana?

Fitrana can be given before and after Eid al-Fitr. But, It’s better to give it before Eid ul Fitr. This is a compulsory charity, never falls off you. Even if Eid day passes you’ll still have to give it later.

Fitrana Amount:

You can calculate the Fitrana amount by the retail price of any one of the following in your city.

  1. 2.25kg Wheat flour.
  2. 4.5kg Barley.
  3. 4.5kg Dates.
  4. 4.5kg Raisins.

Always check the latest price of these things in your area or online marketplace that delivers to your location.

Remember, this is the minimum price that you have to give. There is no limit on the maximum amount of Fitrana.

Fitrana amount

Who should I give Fitrana to?

Fitrana can be given to anyone who is eligible to receive Zakat, i.e. anyone who falls below the wealth criteria described above.

Remember! Fitrana and Zakat are a type of charity in Islam where you have to make the eligible person owner of the amount that you are giving away. This means you can’t give these charities to a mosque or pay someone’s expenses at a hospital without acquiring their permission in advance. etc…

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