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Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar Views About Women Hijab

Note: This video is a couple of years old so any person’s views are subject to change over time. Just keep that in mind.

I attended a meet-up on eCommerce at an agency of one of my friends in early 2022. Khalil Ur Rehman was one of the guests there.

He started talking about what Islamic scholars have been preaching about women’s veil. I wasn’t clear on what he was trying to say so I asked him directly about it. This was his reply that you saw in this video. 

What Else?:

He had traveled from Dera Ismail Khan to Lahore, Pakistan that evening on Sunday. He shared some of his childhood stories and told us how he had been considered an outspoken boy as a child. He also talked about Mohabbat and Ishq Haqiqi i.e. the love for ALLAH… He said people are afraid of ALLAH while the feeling you should have for Allah is LOVE. Love is the greatest fear itself. What he said was a very deep emotional concept and true indeed. I was very impressed but some of the statements he made during his talk, as you witnessed in this video, are not backed by any strong references. But it’s ok, you can expect such statements from anyone who is not an Alim (scholar) of Sharia law.

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